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Frågor om hårdvaran

Information om telefonens hårdvara

Hittar du här[1]

Vad har telefonen för anslutningar?

Den har en microUSB-kontakt för laddning eller anslutning till dator och en 3.5mm hörlursutgång.

Frågor om mjukvara

Var hittar jag Kies till datorn?

Kies hittar du här [2]

Samsungs officiella sida

Hur kollar jag om min telefon är operatörslåst?

Kolla operatörslåsningen genom att slå in *#7465625# som telefonnummer. [3]

Hur kollar jag min IMEI kod?

Check your IMEI with this code on the dialer, *#06#, and save it as you'll need.

Vilken mjukvara har jag i telefonen?

Var hittar jag produktkoden?

How To Find Product Codes?

To find the ProductCode,run regedit then go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Samsung\Kies\DeviceDB\# and find the lines that says "ProductCode"="your phone model typ
note: the # can actually be any number from 1,2,3,4,.... Alternatively, Enter *2767*4387264636# in your dialer.

Vad betyder produktkoden? eller

Vilken kan jag använda med Kies? [4]

Kan jag ändra produktkod?

Endast för experter [5]

Hur tolkar jag koden?

Samsung Letter Codes [6]

Vilka inställningar behöver jag göra för att kunna surfa och skicka MMS?

Du behöver ställa in APN. Inställningarna till respektive operatör hittar du här [7]

Hur kommer jag till recovery mode?

Finns en video [8]

Frågor om moddning

Hur får jag fram telefonens nuvarande ROM version?

*#1234# visar både PDA, PHONE och CSC

Hur rootar man telefonen? guide[9] eller [10]

Hur rootar jag 2.3.3? [11]

Video (visar även hur man fixa USB debugmode)

Vad menas med PDA, CSC osv?

Why are there sometimes multiple files in the firmware archive/folder?/Why do I get three different versions when using *#1234#? Galaxy S firmware updates come in three parts (which are sometimes packaged as one file): -The CODE itself (called PDA). This is android and all the applications that come with it. (The archives/folders will be named after the version of this file) -The MODEM (called Phone). This is the firmware of the wireless chipset of the device and will operate you WiFi, Blutooth and 3G/2G/GSM connections. (ie Radio ROM) -The CSC (short for Customer Specific Customization). This includes connection data for the broadband networks as well as apps that are only available in certain languages/intended for a specific area. If we ask for your firmware, we want to know all three! Since not all of these require updates simultaneously, often then CSC and MODEM files will have lower version numbers. (Also when packaged in one file the repartition option should NEVER be checked in Odin because it will mess up your partition layout and will require a reflash with three-part firmware!)

Kan jag blanda dessa filer?

Can I mix PDA/Modem/CSC files from different firmwares without bricking my phone? Yes. Most Modem/CSC files will work with any PDA. However, there may be compatibility issues which may force you to reflash your phone. Note also that newer CSCs usually include newer versions of the software that comes with them.

Vad betyder de olika koderna i romen jag har?

Exempel I9000XXJF3/XXJF5/xxxxx. Där I9000 står för telefonmodell, XX för landet, J för året, F för månaden (A = January) och 3 är versionen (1-9 och A-Z) se mer [12]

Kolla med

Vad är CWM och hur installerar jag den?


Hur gör jag en backup med nandroid?

Hur kollar jag vilken programvara telefonen har?

Skriv följande siffror i ring programmet *#1234#

Vad betyder Pit?

När du flashar med ODIN så finns det möjligheten att "re-partion" och Pit filen.

Svar från XDA: "I think what xoltrix2000 is talking about is when we flash the ROM there is the option to repartition using a PIT file. If I understand correctly, it specifies the sizes allocated to each image file (factoryfs.rfs, modem.bin, etc) in the Flash storage where the ROM is stored. In effect it is treating the internal storage (not to be confused with the internal SD card) like you would treat a hard drive in a computer. The PIT file just specifies how it's broken up."

Överkurs om Pit

What is the .pit file? Why are there different versions?

There are now three different versions of the .pit file. 513.pit, 512.pit and 803.pit. 513.pit only works for early firmwares and should not be used anymore. The 512.pit file is used for all Android 2.1 Eclair firmwares and the Android 2.2 Froyo firmwares up to and including the I9000XXJP3 firmware. There are several beta Froyo releases that require the 803.pit file to function properly, however, official 2.2 and 2.2.1 firmwares again work with the 512.pit file. The .pit file maps partitions on the NAND storage. The code has been cracked by the Cyanogen developers working on the SGS and it will siginificantly accelerate work on fully featured Gingerbread ports.

Filsystemen i Android

En text som förklarar hur filsystemet är uppbyggt i android hittar du här [13] och [14]

Vad är Odin?

Svaret hittar du här [15]

Hur flashar jag med Odin?

Flasha med Odin 1.82 [16]

Hur får jag "Download Mode"?

Enter the device into Download Mode by pressing down on Volume Down button
and OK button and Power On button at the same time.

Hur kollar jag om telefonen har sim lock?

Check Simlock and Network lock is OFF *#7465625#

Hur gör jag en full reset?

Make a hard reset after your flash code: *2767*3855# (for safety)

Ta backup på /efs mappen

Background: Some experimental firmwares modify the /efs folder. This can cause IMEI corruption and/or change the product code your phone reports.

 -Rooted Phone
 -Root Explorer (from market)

1) Use root explorer and navigate to the root of the filesystem / 2) Press "Mount R/W" 3) Copy the efs folder to your sdcard 4) Connect the phone to the PC and backup the copy of the efs folder to your PC.

Restore the backup if your IMEI gets corrupted or your product code is changed by a firmware.


XDA developers Wiki [17]

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